Neurodiversity Friendly Practice

Jeroen specialises in psychological therapies for people on the Autism Spectrum. The focus of treatment is life skills and strategies for managing day to day situations. Jeroen likes to include family in the therapeutic process. Partners, family and or close friends are encouraged to attend the first session at least.

COVIDSafe precautions

To ensure we comply with COVIDSafe protocols most of Jeroen’s sessions are held online via Zoom Pro. Since the introduction of Telehealth Jeroen now offers sessions to clients Australia wide.

Face masks must be worn during face-to-face sessions. The main benefit of online sessions is no facemasks.

Contact Jeroen
Suite 2, 284 Peats Ferry Road
Hornsby, NSW 2077

(02) 8911 1164
(02) 6515 2970

Map of clinic location