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How can psychologists help?

Life's everyday problems can seriously affect one's quality of life.

Problems such as relationship difficulties or work related stress. Trying to cope with demanding parenting is another example. In such circumstances it is important not to neglect one's emotional health and this is where psychologists can assist. Remember, you may well benefit from choosing to consult a psychologist before reaching the stage that you need to consult one.

When to contact a psychologist?

Generally we consult a GP for physical health concerns. For psychological health concerns, small or serious, a psychologists can be consulted. No referral letter is required unless you qualify for a Medicare rebate. In this case please check with your GP first.

How many sessions would consulting a psychologist require?

This depends on the severity of the problem. Most consultations take 1-4 sessions. Some clients choose to continue for longer or return as needed.

What other ways are there in consulting a psychologist?

Telephone, Email and Video conferencing consultations are available by negotiation as well as school visits and home visits when indicated.

Are there rebates available for psychologists?

Medicare offers a rebate for psychological treatment after referral from your GP: please check here.

Most Health Funds provide benefits for psychological consultations. Please enquire with your health fund.

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