• Neurodivergent adults
  • Adults who suspect they are Neurodivergent
  • Support for Self-diagnosis Journey
  • Neurodiverse couples
  • Parents of Autistic children
  • Groups sessions for Neurodivergent adults (self-)diagnosed

Services offered

All following services are Telehealth only: *Treatment of Anxiety & Depression in Neurodivergent adults *Relationship Counselling for Neurodiverse couples *Family Counselling for Neurodiverse families *Coaching for Work-Family-Life Issues for Neurodiverse adults *Workshops & lectures on Neurodiversity *WereldVreemd Groups for Neurodivergent adults *Supervision & Consultation

Jeroen’s approach to assessments

Jeroen’s approach will be helpful if the purpose of a diagnosis is to develop a better understanding for the client and their family. The assessment process is collaborative. The first appointment is an initial clinical interview with Jeroen. He will discuss with you the likelihood of a diagnosis. It can be very beneficial to have family or friends at the initial sessions. This process generally takes between 2 to 4 sessions.

If a subsequent report (e.g for NDIS) is required, a fee is applicable.

Please note: Jeroen does not offer formal assessments. His focus is on providing support services, thus only limited assessment services are available. If a diagnosis is to be used in legal or other official matters, it may be best to seek a more formal assessment elsewhere

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